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The right way to evaluate apartment

Eventually, at least once in a lifetime one has to deal with the necessity to know the real price of his home. This is required in case you want to sell your apartment, buy new one or conclude a marriage contract. It is also required to evaluate the apartment in case of loan or real estate mortgage, partition of property in case of divorce or descent, insurance. Lets take a look on three methods which allow you to do that.

1. Common
This is the most popular method. It comprises reading various media resources to look for the prices on apartments which are similar to yours for the last several months and set the price accordingly.

It is also possible to get the average price of square meter in your location and calculate the price of your apartment. The price may vary upwards or downwards depending on pros and cons of particular house. Lets review these pros and cons.

Pros are:

  • sufficient amount of public transport, parking lot is nearby;
  • door phone;
  • elevators (cargo and passenger elevators);
  • concierge;
  • upscale or central district;
  • quiet outdoors;
  • park or urban forest nearby, a lot of greenery around, no noisy roadways nearby;
  • new building;
  • the apartment is vacant both physically and legally;
  • close proximity to shops (especially 24 hour groceries);
  • pleasing view from windows;
  • new communication lines.

Cons are features that are opposite to the ones stated above. Obvious minus would be also the fact that your apartment is of small space and poor planning (e.g. single family flat or as it is called Khrushchev-era apartment). By comparing your individual pros and cons with the average price of square meter for you home you can more or less accurately estimate the price of your apartment.

2. Professional
Inviting professional appraiser will cost you approximately 100-150 euro and will take 2 or 3 days. If the apartment or house located in suburbs, it will take two more days and will cost more by 5-10%.

Usually professional appraisers thoroughly analyze all pros and cons, check quality of materials of the house or apartment etc. By results of the appraisal the official report is issued. Keep in mind that usually the difference between the price of an appraiser and the real price of an apartment is 10-15%. Moreover, it can fluctuate both downwards and upwards.

3. Internet
Recently, an apartment appraisal service has been widely offered on the Internet. It is inexpensive and does not cause much trouble - you just need to fill out a form.

A couple of general tips:

  • Apartments on the first floor, which can be used as offices and shops are more expensive than usual. The same applies to the sale of apartments in promising areas.
  • When evaluating cottages, private houses and summerhouses, the cost of materials spent on construction is taken into account. In conclusion, it is worth noting that using not one, but several evaluation methods, you can find out the most accurate price of your apartment. Consider the case seriously and thoughtfully!

The right way to sell apartment Tips for estate agent.

Professionalism in any business consists of trifles, but repeatedly increases your efficiency. If you want to become a good estate agent, try to follow the tips below to communicate with the client, which your more experienced colleagues are ready to share. As you improve, you will have your own "secrets of mastery".

  1. Be friendly and polite. But know the measure - avoid familiarity or explicit flattery.
  2. Be prepared to answer any questions that arise from the buyer. He must be confident in your full competence.
  3. Do not try to hide the flaws of the apartment. The client will still know about the deception and will no longer trust you.
  4. Try to balance the disadvantages with advantages. Be creative - each apartment has advantages, find and demonstrate them.
  5. If you show an apartment to a married couple, appeal more often to a woman - practice shows that it is the houswife of the future apartment that has the final word. The view from the window, ease of planning - it's all for the woman. Emphasize men’s attention to convenient parking and ceiling heights.
  6. The apartment must be clean. The main thing is that the personal belongings of the previous owners should not be visible.
  7. If possible, the furniture should be arranged so as to create a feeling of maximum free space.
  8. Never speak badly about previous owners. The idea that bad people used to live in an apartment may prevent a person from making a purchase.
  9. If a beautiful view from the windows opens - wash the windows and move the curtains back. If not, on the contrary, draw them back or try to make an appointment in the evening.
  10. Do not set the show time at rush hour. First, the client will come irritated, and secondly, may decide that the apartment is located far away and in inconvenient location.
  11. Remain friendly even with an impolite customer. Maybe he has such a mood today. Tomorrow he will calm down and call back.
  12. During the show in the apartment there should not be any former owners of the apartment or their relatives. Agree with them in advance.
  13. If "noisy" neighbors live nearby, for example, musicians, arrange silence with them during the presentation.
  14. The apartment should not have any traces of pets!

Make sure you have all the necessary documents in stock:
  • A document certifying the ownership (Land Registry).
  • Property inventory files.
  • Contract for the apartment show / act of viewing the object.
  • The contract of sale / sample / draft contract.

Just in case, always wear a tape measure - in case a potential buyer wants to measure where his furniture will go.

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