How to purchase Property below fair market value

Before anyone who wants to buy a house, there is a question:

  • Do it yourself?
  • Or trust a reliable specialist?

Buying an apartment is often a more responsible and complicated process than selling; each apartment has its own history, and the reason for selling it is not every time a good and beautiful one. Therefore, when buying an apartment you need to carefully check everything.

If you want to protect yourself when you buy and at the same time make a deal with a profit for yourself - for you there is a great opportunity - to contact an estate agent with a reliable reputation.

It is also important to take into account such a moment as the value of real estate. After all, the same apartment can be sold with a difference of plus or minus 20%, or even more. The amount is rather big, and if you can save it when buying an apartment with the help of your experienced estate agent, why not do it?

Estate agent help when buying an apartment

More specifically, the help of an estate agent is for you as follows:

  1. Search for suitable options.
  2. Verification of legal purity of documents.
  3. Full support of the transaction and the protection of your interests.
  4. Checking the apartment for debts and charges.
  5. Proper registration of the rights of the owner.
  6. Support of the calculation procedure.

All this is very difficult to do by yourself. Moreover, the assistance of a specialist in such a tense life situation, like buying an apartment, is simply necessary if you want to protect yourself from unexpected "surprises".

Want to save on real estate transactions?
We are ready to help you!

My task is to save a maximum of your money when buying and processing.

Why is this possible? Because I know that 90% of sellers overestimate prices compared to their real value. I am well aware of how much this or that apartment can cost and see when the price is too high.

During my many years of practice, I developed 5 effective methods to reduce the initial price.

Let's think, will you be pleased to know that the apartment you bought is actually worth 10-15% less? And we are talking about quite big sums. To illustrate how I help my clients save their money, I will describe a few real-life examples from my practice.

1. Buying an apartment in a new building

The client called me for help in processing the transaction, he had already chosen an apartment and intended to buy it, the apartment was in the complex of new buildings of Purvciems. Unfortunately, when viewing the apartment, he showed a storm of positive emotions and agreement to purchase it. And after that I started talking about the price. Of course, the seller, seeing such interest, was adamant, and there was no longer any discount. But! when I got acquainted with the documents, I found out that the sale of apartments in this complex is carried out by the company, which in turn concludes agency agreements with estate agents on the terms of 4% of the transaction. We have concluded such a contract, the client saved a little bit of 4% from 120,000 thousand euros

2. Buying an apartment for a pensioner

In more than half of the cases, as my practice shows, people perceive the price stated by the seller as a constant, and do not allow the thought that it can be changed in a smaller direction and very much even. - my client turned out to be an elderly person, and he already had a buyer for his apartment, and the deadline was set, which means that the situation is stressful - after all, you need to leave, and the apartment has not yet been found. He called us with his option, the apartment was chosen - based on the age and state of health on the first floor. When meeting with the seller, it turned out the following - he could not sell the apartment for more than a year, the northern side of the windows, the elevator shaft is behind the wall, the condition of the apartment, to put it mildly, is in poor condition. After the negotiations, the price was reduced from 26,000 to 23,000, the difference for our client was enough to replace windows, plumbing fixtures and light cosmetic repairs.

Why do I manage to select the best options
for you in a short time?

Several young specialists work with me in the team who can solve the tasks set in the shortest possible time. And perhaps this is due to the system developed and honed over several years.

The average search time for a suitable apartment in Riga is 3 weeks.

{ Our record for finding the right apartment for a client is 2 days, but first of all, thanks to him for the most clearly stated task. }

How do we act when looking for an apartment?

  1. We find out your preferences and wishes regarding the new apartment.
  2. We select the appropriate options for you.
  3. Prepare a list of apartments that fit your requirements, check the purity of the documents.
  4. View apartments on the list with the client. According to the results we fill in the checklist for the objects.

    We will make a small digression here - after viewing the third apartment, what color the walls in the kitchen were in the first one, you will not remember; for this, we have developed a so-called checklist, in which you mark on 10 point scale what you like and what you don’t at each object. This will give you the opportunity to calmly discuss with your family in the evening what is more significant for you - replacing windows in the 2nd version or still choosing the 3rd floor in the 7th version.

  5. The stage of choosing an apartment, after which an advance agreement is made.
  6. We check the documents of the owner for housing, we also check whether or not there is a debt on utility bills.
  7. Stage of preparation for the transaction. Agreement for transaction account, preparation of a deposit agreement, preparation of a purchase agreement (with the protection of your interests).
  8. The conclusion of the transaction, according to the results of which the sales contract is signed by the two parties.
  9. Transfer of money to the transaction account.
  10. Submission of your documents for registration of ownership, results in 7-14 days.
  11. The final stage. Final settlement.
  12. We check all payments by the previous owner of their accounts, sign the act of transfer and acceptance of real estate.

What else do I want to tell you?

There are various "pitfalls" in making real estate transactions that I have had to face over the years of my work.

For example, the client really likes the object, but the owner has certain problems with the documents. Here we are actively involved in the process and help to put them in order so that the transaction can be completed. All this is done to ensure that our customers do not face any difficulties after the purchase of an apartment.

We give our customers a sense of security and peace of mind. Moreover, I give a financial guarantee for my work:

  • If I don’t provide you with a full, documented report on the legal purity of the purchased object, then you may not pay for my services. I will also refund you 250 euros for my flaw.
  • If during the first week, after concluding an agreement between us, I will not offer you the options of apartments for viewing, then I will refund you 250 euros of compensation.
  • If in the 3-year period, from the moment of buying an apartment with it, any difficulties of a legal nature will arise, I guarantee the return of my real estate commission in double the amount of your first request.

The fact that I give guarantees for the quality of my services is a sign of my great respect for my clients and for my work.

500 euros - our commission when buying an apartment.

We are not only looking for the best apartment options for you, but also helping you to save money. And this is our feature as a real estate company.

Quite often, the size of our remuneration is several times less than the amount that we manage to save for you during a transaction.

The classic scheme of buying an apartment with a bank - mortgage

The scheme of buying an apartment with the participation of the bank - mortgage

Want to buy an apartment, and you need a real estate agent? Call the following number: 29 73 42 42. Before making a decision, you can consult with us for free and evaluate our professional level.

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