How to sell property for the most money? It is real

What do you think are real estate transactions considered the most difficult? Of course, it is a sale. This fact could be explained as follows: everyone wants to sell their apartment with maximum speed and at the same time gain more for it than the market average. Agree, these are rather contradictory needs of the seller. And hardly doable if he will be engaged in selling. But everything is possible if an experienced real estate agent gets down to business! Knowledge of the real estate market and human psychology can work wonders. It’s realistic to sell an apartment in just 1.5-2 months, instead of the average 6, and make the amount by 10% more than its average cost.

In addition to the obvious financial benefits for you, it is also a hefty saving of time, as well as energy and nerves.

I am real estate agent Pavel Fedotov and I specialize in the sale of residential real estate in Riga costing from 10,000 euros. My total experience with real estate is more than 7 years. During these years I have made 300 deals on the sale of apartments and houses. The maximum value of the object sold by me is 380,000 euros. I am confident in my abilities and capabilities, therefore I guarantee that:

  • You get the maximum real price for your property.
  • 14 days - the period when the first potential buyers appear.
  • 2.5 months - the maximum period from the acceptance of your application to the completion of the transaction.
  • Legally, the transaction will be absolutely transparent and understandable to all its participants.

{ By the way, my personal record for the speed of sale for the apartment is two days, we offered it to a neighbor, and he combined two apartments. }

What do I do to sell an apartment? Stages of my work

  • Your object (apartment, house or land) which is in our database has priority and is shown to potential buyers in the first place, since we have all the information about it and we can present it in high quality;
  • Your object will be placed on the Internet on the top sites of Latvia;
  • Placement on specialized Russian sites (usually houses or land for sale, in some cases, apartments), we use the top 100 Russian sites;
  • If a plot of land or a house is for sale, we place a banner indicating prices and contacts;
  • We carry out a monthly mailing to Latvian companies that are engaged in real estate, we share part of our fee with other agents and today in our database there are 2130 contacts;
  • We also conduct mailing to Russian companies, there are 12,400 addresses in our database;
  • 1-2 times a month we send out current offers to mailboxes (only in Riga), the total number of 60,000 thousand leaflets per month (the number of addresses by districts);
  • We place ads in the press.

In more detail the work process is described in the table:

Workflow table

One of my principles of work is complete informational transparency in front of clients. Therefore, in the sales process, I keep a register, which reflects all calls and visits from potential buyers, as well as the result of communication with each of them. This is important so that my client knows what work is being done, what attracts and what does not suit potential buyers. One of the important points that you should know is that I represent your and only your interests in the process of making a deal.

Stages of work of a professional real estate agent:

  1. Initial stage: meeting, primary analysis of your situation.
  2. Options for solving the problem.
  3. The conclusion of the contract, which clearly stipulates all the conditions of cooperation: conditions, terms, guarantees, obligations of the agent.
  4. The stage of collecting documents for the transaction is the task of the estate agent.
  5. Your apartment is being evaluated (actual market price at the moment).
  6. Filling the document "Questionnaire description of real estate".
  7. Photo session: taking pictures of the apartment in favorable angles.
  8. Development of a marketing strategy for finding potential buyers.
  9. The current work of a estate agent with the display of the apartment and the presentation of information on thematic resources.
  10. Reports to the client. The term when the report is submitted is negotiated individually.
  11. After buyers are found all the conditions of the transaction are negotiated with them.
  12. Full support of the transaction from the beginning to the receipt of your money.

Sell an apartment faster and more expensive? This is real

I'm not trying to splurge my clients or seem better than I am when I say: yes, I can sell your house or apartment in just 2 months and 10% more than you expect. This is real, which is confirmed by cases from my work practice:

Story 1
The average market value of a small country house was estimated at 85 thousand euros. I managed to find a buyer for 88 thousand. Upon conclusion of the transaction, a 3-room apartment was purchased for this amount for the client.

Story 2
The heirs decided to sell the apartment inherited from the grandmother, and called to me. The apartment was in disrepair, on the 4th floor, and in the former social house. A buyer was found for this area, who paid 2,000 euros more for it, as he was from a house that was settled urgently, and the owners of the house that was being settled were paying for the purchase.

Story 3
The client called with a difficult situation - in 2006 an apartment in a new building was purchased, respectively, at the peak of its market value, there was no money for repairs, and the apartment was empty for 5 years. The apartment did not even have walls, concrete floor, ceiling and heaters.... You need to pay 480 euros monthly to the bank for the mortgage, plus utility bills. We discussed all possible options and stopped at the point where we found a tenant who agreed to invest 6,500 euros in repairs and rent this apartment for a long time, so we reduced costs for our client (utilities were about 3,000 euros per year) and in 3 years he began to receive rent for this apartment.

My principle is to be an ally of my clients, to search for them the best options for making a deal, with a benefit for them.

How much are my services?

The cost of my work is from 4 to 7 percent of the transaction amount. It includes a full package of services for finding a buyer and selling. I do not take hidden commissions. Everything is absolutely fair and transparent.

After the conclusion of the contract the payment is made in way that is convenient for you, namely:

  • The amount of the advance is 0 euros.
  • Calculation after the completion of the transaction, ie after you have received the money.

I also provide financial guarantees to protect your interests:

  • 100 euros - compensation, if within 5 days after the conclusion of the contract an announcement of the sale of the apartment will not be posted.

Working with me, you get a guaranteed result, fast in terms and profitable for you financially. Call me by phone. +371 29 73 42 42 or send an e-mail to and we will discuss your situation in advance.

Already at this stage, in the process of negotiating by phone or online correspondence, you will be able to evaluate my qualities as a specialist.

P.S. Make a call right now so that work on the sale of your apartment will begin tomorrow!

The scheme of the classic and simplified sales of apartments

The scheme of the classic and simplified sales of apartments

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