Sell an apartment, to buy one

Or rather....sell as expensive as possible, buy as checp as possible.

Is it possible? Of course! If an estate agent who specializes in it takes this, then the process will be quick, safe and profitable for you.

Some clients, namely about 30%, come to us for a comprehensive service: the sale of their housing and the subsequent purchase of another. Ownership situations may be different:

  1. It is necessary to part with relatives, as a rule, this is the situation when children grew up and started their own families.
  2. It is necessary to sell, because there was a need for money.
  3. There was a desire to change the area and move to a new apartment.
  4. A larger by number of rooms apartment on the outskirts is sold to buy a smaller one, but closer to the center.
  5. The desire to change the residence in a city apartment for a country cottage.
  6. The apartment is sold as it was inherited and there are several heirs.
  7. The family has broken up and it is necessary to divide the real estate by shares.
  8. and so on...

If a person independently undertakes a complicated, multi-stage sale procedure with the subsequent purchase of a new home, then this is delayed for a long time. After all, you must first find the most profitable option for selling your apartment, and then start searching, again, a profitable purchase option. And if you take into account the mass of subtleties and nuances? Such, for example, as "clean" documents for an apartment?

If you do not have enough time to understand the intricacies of the real estate market, engage in independent search for options and preparation of documents, then the only right option that can protect you from all possible risks is to hire a professional estate agent.

Thus, you not only protect yourself from the risk of fraud, and speed up the process of selling and buying several times, but also gain in time and money.

Why do customers come to us?

Fedotov Pavel is the specialist who not only solves the problems associated with real estate transactions, but also selects the options of sale and purchase with the maximum benefit for you.

To illustrate our work, here are some examples from practice:

Kengarags, Maskavas street

Purpose: break up - a 3-room apartment should be exchanged for two others, the difficulty was that the cost of the Khrushchev apartment on the first floor was lower than the cost of two one-room apartments, and neither party wanted to go to partial comforts - but a compromise was found, an exchange of 3 room for 1 room is also on the ground floor and an apartment with all amenities but in Jelgava, the parties were satisfied with the result


The sale of 4 room apartments mortgaged at the bank, the children work abroad and are not going to return, and it is hard to pay a loan of 230 euros and utility bills - the wishes were as follows - to sell the 4 room apartment and buy 1 room not higher than the third floor, as a result we managed to find a buyer who took over the mortgage, and with the difference buy 1 room apartment for the client and a small-scale (14 m2) apartment for rent... So, get out of expenses in income.

The described stories are only a drop in the sea of those everyday tangles and circumstances that our estate agent team has to unravel. And the success of our work lies precisely in the fact that we do it quickly, carefully and taking into account the wishes of all participants in the transaction.

Our principles of work:

  • Selling at the maximum market value of an apartment or higher.
  • Search for real buyers, not tourists.
  • Buying an apartment at or below the minimum market value, taking into account all the wishes of customers.
  • Compliance with the purity of the transaction - legal and procedural.

How does the sale proceed with the subsequent purchase?

The first meeting with a client is always a study of your specific situation, your requirements, wishes and needs. Specifically, we highlight specific search criteria, which significantly speeds up the whole process. The fact is that the search for a new apartment for you, we begin even before your property is sold.

The next important stage is the inspection of the object that we will sell. We will also study the technical documentation and write down the "history" of the apartment, which may be important for buyers.

Further, a special technology is used to assess the market value of your housing. This is made by the expert appraiser. This method allows you to evaluate the real and accurate value of the apartment, and not to withdraw it from the average market rates for similar objects. We present an analytical report to our clients, and coordinate with them the value of the apartment on which it will be offered.

Then, to speed up the process, our team of estate agents starts working simultaneously in two directions: searching for buyers for your property and searching for apartments for later purchase.

The result of the search for alternative apartments according to specified criteria will be their list. Together with you, we review it and agree on which of the options we need to weed out and which ones to look at.

At this stage, a complex of events is held to attract buyers to the apartment:

  • Outdoor advertising.
  • Printed leaflets and their mailing in the mailboxes.
  • In the newspapers - free and paid ads.
  • On special portals on the Internet.
  • In real estate bases for specialists.

In addition, in parallel with this, we collect documents that are necessary for the sale procedure. This list includes:

  • Land book.
  • Inventory.
  • Inquiries about the absence of debt.
  • Cadastral value of the apartment.
  • Permission to sell (if there is a mortgage).
  • Certificate of declared persons.

The display of the apartment by potential buyers who came to the ads, is as follows:

  • I arrange a convenient time with you and personally show the apartment to customers;
  • In parallel with this process, there is a review of those apartments that you have chosen from the list selected by criteria. It is also possible to adjust your wishes.

The scenario for further action is well developed and tested:

  1. Preparation of the necessary documentation and advance agreement for the transaction with the buyer of your apartment.
  2. The final choice of the object you want to purchase.
  3. Preparation of the necessary documentation and advance agreement for the 2nd transaction - with the owner of the apartment being purchased.
  4. Verification of documents submitted by the owner of the purchased apartment for legal purity.
  5. Step by step approval of the transaction: when, where, where money will be transferred, etc.
  6. The final stage: the signing of contracts, receiving money and title documents.

A logical question that you may have is: how long can the whole procedure for selling your property and buying a new one last?

Naturally, it all depends on this particular situation, and believe me, they never repeat. However, we can say about medium terms: the shortest period, from our practice - 3 weeks, and the longest - 12 months. So be guided: from 3 weeks to 12 months.

What will we do for you? Take control of the whole process and make it clear and safe for you ... and of course, in detail, we will explain to you the need and importance of each step.

Let get to the issue of payment

The price of the range of services "Sale with subsequent purchase" is from 1,500 euros. And this price is justified, since individually each service costs from 3 to 5% of the total cost. Remember - we are able to sell more expensive and buy more profitable!

How to start selling an apartment - with its assessment, and the more accurately it is done, the faster the rest of the process will go.

We can make a preliminary assessment for free!

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