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Thank you very much!


Thank you for your cooperation!


Thank you!


We have been looking for an apartment for our family through ss.lv for about a year. The search was long and difficult. When, it would seem, we found something and we should buy it, then estate agents who were directly involved in selling the property raised doubts, putting forth strange conditions for the purchase. Honestly, in less than a year, we lost confidence in estate agents, as such. When we called on the next ad, Paul answered. From the first meeting, Paul made a very positive impression of a competent person. For all the time of cooperation with Pavel, we have never regretted that we trusted him in buying an apartment! Pavel told us clearly and step by step what will be the next step of the transaction. If there were any misunderstandings or delays on the part of the bank, then he contacted them directly, thereby helping us in many matters. The necessary documents and contracts were prepared on time, he attended the negotiations at the bank, at the notary, and when submitting documents to the land book. All agreements on the purchase of real estate by Paul, and, consequently, the landlord were fulfilled.

We are very glad that there are competent, honest and pleasant real estate agents like Pavel! In case of the sale or purchase of real estate, do not hesitate to call him.

Pavel, thank you very much!


In May 2018, a deal was made to purchase real estate - a private house. Estate agent- Pavel Fedotov, was a mediator, and accompanied us throughout the entire purchase process (paperwork, presence in the negotiations at the bank, at the notary, in the land register). In the process of buying everything was clear, Pavel always found suitable answers to questions. We were satisfied with the process of all the work and are grateful to Pavel. In the future, if we need to use the services of the estate agent, we will be very happy to call Pavel for help!


I live abroad. I did not have time and opportunities to deal with the selling apartment.

After calling Pavel, the apartment was sold in just a few weeks. Moreover, the sales amount was higher than expected.

Pavel patiently answered questions and provided excellent service. I recommend his services, and I will use them in the future.



Dear Pavel F. I want to express my gratitude to you from your former clients for your highly professional work.

You, as an intermediary of the transaction, with your advice, paperwork, presence at the negotiations in the bank.

All these actions made it easier for us without red tape and unnecessary trouble. All this has made it easier for us to process the transaction and sale of real estate. And in a short time.

Thank you for your cooperation!!!


Initially, thinking about purchasing an apartment, we were not going to use the services of an estate agent, but it turned out that the estate agent Pavel Fedotov was selling the apartment we liked.

In the process of paperwork, we faced with the procedures, we had no information about, so the help of a estate agent was indispensable. Pavel helped with the design of real estate valuation required to obtain a mortgage loan from a bank. After receiving confirmation of the loan, he made an appointment with the notary to conclude the transaction and helped with the paperwork in the Land Registry.

After the bank received information from the Land Registry, some difficulties arose that Pavel helped us solve without our direct participation.

I would like to thank Pavel for the assistance rendered in processing the transaction, since without the participation of Pavel, the paperwork process would take a longer time!


Mr. Pavel Fedotov provided services in the field of rental of real estate. He clearly has a good knowledge of the market and prices. A very large selection was offered. He showed high professionalism and adequate vision of the situation in the selection of tenants. A quick solution in case of any issues in the transaction process, both administrative (with various organizations) and household, for example: if the client wishes to change something in the apartment and my agreement to this, Pavel solved all the problems quickly and efficiently.

Very professional, punctual, decisive and tactful real estate agent accomplishing all the goals set.


Since last summer (2014), my son and I have been using the real estate services of Mr. Pavel Fedotov in terms of exchanging our two apartments in Riga for a house. In the process of cooperation, Mr. Fedotov proved himself as a competent specialist, ready to answer all our questions both in terms of estimating the cost of housing, and in the process of direct purchase and sale. All his actions were open and understandable.

Inviting people to inspect the apartments was clearly organized by him, always at a time convenient for us, without waiting in vain and quite intensively by the number of applicants.

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell our apartments in the winter period, and therefore we have a break from October to March.

We hope that Mr. Fedotov will continue to cooperate with us from April of this year.


In 2014, I was selling and buying an apartment. The whole deal was accompanied by Pavel Fedotov. He was finding options, helped with the paperwork, and attended negotiations at the bank. He explained to me the whole course of the transaction, so during the sale and purchase of an apartment the whole process of the transaction was clear. The whole deal went well. I believe that the cooperation was fruitful.


On the advice of good friends, I was recommended to cooperate with Pavel Fedotov as an intermediary in the purchase of an apartment.

My request was to select an apartment in the city of Jelgava.

Pavel approached very responsibly to his work and in the shortest possible time provided me with the necessary option.

All negotiations were conducted benevolently, competently, in two languages.

When buying and selling he proved to be a high professional, with the knowledge of legal aspects of the subject.

All the transaction documents were drafted by him very competently, explaining to us on each item. Despite the fact that we had to travel to another city more than once, he did not charge me any additional costs, although his fee was minimal. And in all our travels on paperwork and banking operations he accompanied us.

The transaction was completed on 30.06.2014 in Jelgava by mutual consent and satisfaction of the parties through the mediation of a very decent, competent, responsible and pleasant person to communicate - Pavel Fedotov.


Good afternoon, Pavel!

I want to express my gratitude for the assistance rendered in the sale of two 1-room apartments in a very short time.

By the way, your advices came in handy when drawing up documents both at a notary and in a bank. Also, when choosing a new 2-room apartment, you actively offered all sorts of options, not dwelling only on the ground floor (one of my wishes), for which you are especially thankful - the 3rd floor is warmer than the first.

Your knowledge when buying a new apartment helped to quickly overcome the difficulties encountered with the re-issuance of documents in AS DnB Nord Bank. And your participation in negotiations with the former owners of the apartment saved me from unnecessary worries.

Paul! Rest assured, if someone of my acquaintances needs the help of a real estate agent, I will no doubt suggest them contacting you.

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